Change takes courage

Change is the only constant in life.

But change takes courage. The boldness to step out of your comfort zone and discover new paths.

As a well-known rotational moulder, we could have carried on as we used to. But we wanted more. More for ourselves, but especially more for you, as our customers.

With this in mind, we set out to develop our new design line Valiente ®. Valiente ®, synonym for the courage. The courage to launch totally new products that enchant you and make you dream. Products that will delight you with their style and design and make you dream.


The beginning

NV Plastigi was founded in 1963 by Mr. Jozef De Ceuster. The family business, which originally started as an aluminum foundry, soon switched to plastics. Under the guidance of son-in-law Georges Claus, it became a household name in the rotational molding world. The branch in Mortsel near Antwerp, in the middle of a residential area, no longer met the requirements of a growing business and in 1995 they moved to Herentals. There production continued at Hezewijk 1 in Noorderwijk. As a result of a large-scale initiative by the City of Herentals to change the street names, the address was changed to Lenkensdijk 3 on 11 August. The daily management is now in the hands of grandson Filip Claus, assisted by his brother Stefan Claus.


The growth

Under their impulse NV Plastigi grew into an SME with customers in all branches of industry. Customers include companies such as Atlas Copco, Picanol, Van Hool, Eloy et fils, Parsprototo, Duracel and many others.

An intense collaboration with Zweva Engineering, an important player in the telecom world, eventually led to the establishment of Zweva Environment in Houthalen, where the Zweva containers, a system for underground collection of waste, are successfully produced. The expert knowledge of Filip and Stefan Claus was called upon to build the machine.


The future

Under the motto that standing still is going backwards, the plan was ripe to diversify and develop its own design line. From this dream came Valiente®, design articles made of high-quality plastic. Innovative and stylish, for a demanding audience.

For the manufacture, an entirely new production process was developed in collaboration with partners such as AMS, frontrunners in robotization. This in a brand new location at Hannekenshoek 25 in Herentals.

Boasting years of experience and the expertise of employees and business partners, Plastigi is breaking new ground with this line. Modern, classy products but with the guarantee of the known high quality and finish.

We had the courage to design.

We hope you find the courage to use our products to make your dreams come true.

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